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The Importance of Concrete Repair in Salt Lake City

So, you have a settled concrete slab at your Salt Lake City home or business. Why does that matter? Is concrete repair really necessary?

Those questions are certainly understandable. Settled slabs can be found all over northern Utah, and if other people aren’t fixing their damaged concrete, fixing yours doesn’t seem like a task you should prioritize. However, the reverse is actually true – putting concrete repair on the back burner can lead to a host of problems. Below, the Lift-Up Concrete team shares several reasons to fix your settled slab sooner rather than later.

Settled Concrete Slabs are Hazardous

Most settled concrete slabs have cracks and uneven areas. If that’s the case with your slab, it’s a definite safety hazard. Anyone who comes to your Salt Lake City property and walks on the surface could easily trip and fall, and we’re sure that’s not what you want to happen. Schedule concrete repair soon, and you can make your home or business safer for everyone.

You May Be Held Liable for Injuries

If someone falls and suffers an injury at your property, you could end up in legal hot water. Under Utah’s premises liability laws, the injured party has the right to sue for compensation. If the judge finds that you knew about the settled slab – or that you should have been aware of the issue — and didn’t bother with concrete repair, you’ll be on the hook for the injured person’s medical care and lost income.

Settled Concrete Creates Drainage Issues

When you have a cracked, uneven slab and you don’t schedule prompt concrete repair, you might end up with a costly problem. Rain and melting snow won’t flow away properly – instead, you’ll find pools of water in the wrong areas of the property. Left alone, issues with drainage can lead to foundation damage, which can affect the structural integrity of your home or business building.

Concrete Damage May Violate Building Code

A property with settled slabs and damaged concrete – particularly when the issue involves a flight of stairs — could be in violation of local building code. This typically is more of a problem with commercial structures, and Salt Lake City business owners who correct the damage early on can expect lower concrete repair costs. Why worry about being out of compliance when a simple fix may be all you need?

Settled Concrete Slabs are Unsightly

Looking at your settled concrete, can you honestly say that it’s attractive? Or at least not that bad in appearance? We doubt it – cracked and uneven slabs are eyesores. And while you might not care how the concrete at your Salt Lake City home or business looks, the lack of curb appeal is sure to bring down the value of your property. Get concrete repair, and you won’t take a hit if you decide to sell.

Waiting on Repair Makes the Damage Worse

When you hold off on scheduling concrete repair, the damage only gets worse as time goes on. The longer you wait, the more the slab will settle, sink and crack. And the more extensive the damage, the more you’ll pay for a solution. The cost of concrete repair will be higher – if repair is even possible, that is. Wait too long, and you might be forced to budget for slab replacement, and that’s even more expensive.

How Do Professional Contractors Repair Settled Concrete?

Mudjacking is the most common – and most affordable — solution for settled slabs. Also referred to as concrete lifting or slab leveling, mudjacking is a three-step concrete repair process. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: A few strategically placed holes are drilled in the damaged slab. The holes are about two inches in diameter and, in most cases, set about four feet apart.

Step 2: Using a hydraulic pump, a mud-like slurry – typically made of cement and other materials like sand and clay – is injected through the holes to fill the voids under the settled slab. As the empty spaces are filled, pressure lifts the slab back to its original position.

Step 3: Once the slab is level and its stability has been restored, the mudjacking is done – but the work isn’t finished. Before leaving the property, a reputable contractor will clean up any residual slurry mixture and seal the holes and cracks.

Depending on the severity of the damage to a settled slab, different concrete repair methods – other than mudjacking – might be necessary. In that event, fixing the problem costs more. For that reason, anyone who has cracked and uneven concrete would be wise to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Contact Lift-Up Concrete for a Free Consultation

Mudjacking is a fast and simple method of concrete repair – and when you call on Lift-Up Concrete to fix the settled slabs at your Salt Lake City home or business, you can expect to pay a fair price.

Don’t wait for the problem to get worse. For a free consultation to discuss mudjacking and concrete repair at any northern Utah property, contact Lift-Up Concrete today.