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Why Concrete Leveling Is the Superior Solution for Sunken Steps

Sunken steps aren’t just an eyesore – they’re unsafe, putting your family, friends and everyone else at risk anytime they visit your Salt Lake City home. Concrete leveling, or mudjacking, offers a solution, as the repair method can restore your steps to an even and stable position.

If your entryway or porch steps are sinking, you could choose to replace them. But why make that move when mudjacking is the better option? Keep reading, and you’ll see that concrete leveling is the right remedy for your sunken steps.

Concrete Leveling Is a Low-Cost Fix

Mudjacking is an affordable method of concrete repair, one that is far more budget-friendly than replacing an entryway or porch steps.

If you go with a tear-out and replacement project, you won’t simply be paying for new concrete – you’ll be paying to have the old concrete removed. You might also have to budget for the services of a structural engineer to ensure the foundation is stable. All things considered, the total for the project will likely be two to three times what you would have paid for mudjacking.

Steps Can Be Repaired in a Few Hours

With mudjacking, sunken steps can be lifted and restored in very little time – and afterwards, they’re ready for immediate use.

Replacing the porch or entryway steps at your Salt Lake City home has a far different result. This type of project typically takes a few weeks to complete, not just a few hours like concrete leveling. Furthermore, once the work is done, you must allow the concrete to cure. Your steps may be unusable for several weeks, and that might be rather inconvenient for you and your family.

Mudjacking Offers Long-Lasting Results

Choose mudjacking, and you can expect your restored steps to remain safe, stable and even for a prolonged period – 8 to 10 years is the average.

If you opt for replacement of your sunken steps, you really can’t look forward to lasting results. While the mudjacking process addresses instabilities in the underlying soil, the culprit behind most sunken concrete, that’s not the case with a tear-out and replacement project. And with unstable soil conditions under your steps, there’s a strong chance they’ll sink again in the future.

Are You Ready to Fix Your Sunken Steps?

Lift-Up Concrete, a leading mudjacking company serving Salt Lake City, Utah, has the expertise to evaluate your entryway or porch steps and recommend the right repair approach. In most cases, that’s concrete leveling, but we’ll steer you toward another solution if that is necessary.

If you’re ready to fix your sunken steps, Lift-Up Concrete is ready to step in and get the job done. For a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss concrete leveling at your Salt Lake City home, contact our office in Kaysville, Utah, today.