Why Slabjacking Now Will Pay off Later

Why Slabjacking Now Will Pay off Later

Slabjacking is a method of concrete repair that’s fast, efficient and long-lasting. There are too many quick fixes that leave your home or business better for a while, but quickly disintegrate so you’re back where you started. Slabjacking is a long-term repair that’s done quickly — in one day or less. It’s an investment that pays off.

Avoid Dangerous Structural Issues

Is your garage built on a concrete slab? What happens when this slab or just a portion of it begins to sink? What if the garage is also connected to your home?

This isn’t just an aesthetic issue. It threatens the structural stability of your garage and home.

When you opt for slabjacking, you’re addressing the problem at the root. Injecting grout into the chasm under the concrete lifts it back into its proper position.

Avoid Expensive Replacement Projects

When concrete starts to sink, the problem only gets worse. Besides the structure that sits on top of the concrete, the concrete itself can be expensive to replace.

The cost of concrete replacement, even if you’re just ripping out some steps or a walkway, is much higher than slabjacking. You’ll save by slabjacking now, before the problem worsens and replacement is the only option left.

Keep Your Home or Business Looking Good

Slabjacking is a great way to preserve curb appeal. For both a home and business, aesthetics are key. If you plan on selling your home anytime soon, slabjacking will pays off. For a business, slabjacking helps when prospective customers notice you when they’re driving by and decide to stop in. Cracked, sinking concrete can potentially cost you a home sale or a customer.

Trust Lift-Up to Lift it Up!

Lift-Up Concrete specializes in raising sunken concrete that you may think at first glance has no chance of revival. We take on the tough jobs and we deliver, successfully restoring concrete surfaces. Lift-Up Concrete offers free quotes and professional recommendations for home or business owners who need a fast resolution to their sinking concrete problems.

Slabjacking pays off when you trust the pros!