4 Maintenance Tips for a Concrete Driveway

4 Maintenance Tips for a Concrete Driveway

When your concrete driveway is first installed, it should look beautiful. However, if you don’t maintain it, over time your driveway will begin to show its age. You’ll notice stains, cracks, sinking and more.

Luckily, maintaining your driveway isn’t as difficult as you may think. Take a look at our four maintenance tips that will help keep your driveway looking fresh and new.


1. Clean and Reseal Regularly

Cleaning your concrete regularly will help keep it looking nice. But you should reseal your pavement as well. Resealing adds a coat of protection for your concrete. You can do it yourself or hire a concrete contractor to do it for you.

The traffic and the severity of weather in your area will impact how often you should reseal your concrete. We typically recommend cleaning it whenever something spills on it and resealing every two years.

2. Slab Jack When Necessary

Have you ever tripped over uneven concrete? It’s not only embarrassing, but it can be quite painful as well.

As the earth underneath the pavement moves, so will the concrete. It’s important to keep the concrete as even as possible so it doesn’t crack or break. Slab jacking, also known as concrete lifting, helps resolve this issue.

If you’ve noticed your concrete is uneven, call a concrete lifting professional to fix it for you. They’re skilled in moving the concrete into the correct position without breaking it.

3. Remove Harmful Chemicals

Oil, gasoline, salt and other ammonium sulfates or deicers can damage concrete.

That means that when that first snow falls, you’ll want to reach for the sandbag before the salt crystals. Be sure not to leave any dangerous substances sitting on your concrete for too long.

4. Repair Imperfections in your Concrete Driveway

Cracks are a natural part of the concrete driveway lifecycle. But to keep your driveway looking nicer for longer, you’ll want to repair these imperfections as soon as possible. You may want to use a crack filler or add a topcoat.

Here at Lift Up Concrete, we can help you reposition your pavement so it’s even again.

Call us today to learn about our process.