ways concrete raising can help your business

4 Ways Concrete Raising Can Help Your Business

Concrete raising can be a vital part of property maintenance. It can be difficult to keep up as the seasons take a toll on your commercial property, but concrete raising is not an expense you should put off until next year.

Specifically, inspect the integrity of your company’s concrete surfaces, such as the sidewalks and parking lot. Water drainage and soil settlement can work together to increase sinking, cracking and crumbling, plus the general wear and tear that the repeated Utah winter freeze/thaw cycles will create.

Don’t worry — even concrete damage that looks too severe to salvage may be helped by concrete raising. Below are four advantages of making the repairs right away.

1. Reduce Customer Injury Risks

Your customers are what enable your success, so it’s important that their well-being is high on your priority list. And a cracked concrete entryway isn’t safe — it’s a trip-and-fall hazard. By making concrete-raising repairs now, you’re proactively keeping injuries away, and that’s the best way to deal with them.

2. Reduce Employee Injury Risks

Your employees are what keeps your business going, so make sure the environment they’re in every day is a safe one. Accidents can be disastrous, and the responsibility is on the business owner to ensure that a lack of maintenance on their part is not the cause.

3. Lessen Liability Concerns

You have business insurance, but you don’t want to have to use it. Customers who are injured could successfully sue for damages. Even if you’re covered, you could be forced to pay much higher premiums when your policy is renewed, which could devastate your finances.

From an employer’s perspective, workers’ compensation claims are expensive and time-consuming. When the employer is liable, you could pay thousands in legal fees and fines, and you’ll still have to pay to fix the broken concrete as well. It’s not worth waiting for an accident to happen.

4. Improve Curb Appeal

Concrete damage isn’t appealing — it makes your business look run-down. What does this say about your products or services? With concrete raising, you’re giving your commercial property the face-lift it needs to attract more business and raise your profile in the community.

Here When You Need Us

An effective concrete-raising repair job starts with hiring a contractor that knows how to fully assess the damage. You deserve a clear quote, with both labor and materials itemized so you know what to expect. Then, the company needs to show up on time and get the job done on schedule. The team you want? Lift-Up Concrete. We are here for you when your business needs concrete raising — give us a call.