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Is DIY Concrete Lifting an Option for Homeowners in Ogden, Utah?

Are you planning on taking the do-it-yourself approach to concrete lifting? In Ogden, Utah, other homeowners have given it a go, and we have no doubt that most regret making that decision.

Sure, you could be the exception to the rule, but whether you’re dealing with a damaged driveway, settled patio or uneven walkway, you’ll likely be better off if you leave the concrete repair work to a professional contractor. Read the following, and you’ll understand why.

Concrete Lifting Isn’t the Right Solution for Every Situation

Concrete lifting, or mudjacking, is a proven, cost-effective repair method – it’s been in use since the 1930’s, and professional contractors rely on the technique because it produces exceptional results. That said, it’s not the right remedy for every cracked or settled slab.

For concrete with dormant surface cracks, applying an epoxy mortar to mend the gaps might be all that’s needed. This type of cracking doesn’t pose a threat to a slab’s stability, so concrete lifting wouldn’t really be appropriate.

In addition, mudjacking isn’t the solution for structural foundation cracks. Helical piering, which involves the use of steel posts driven into the soil, is typically a more appropriate repair method for cracking that affects a home’s structural integrity.

Furthermore, and this may go without saying, but concrete lifting can’t fix a badly crumbled slab or one that has extensive cracking. When faced with this situation, the only route to take is to plan a tear-out and replacement project.

So, while you may think that mudjacking is the way to go, only a professional contractor can tell for sure if it’s the right approach for your damaged slab.

Concrete Lifting Isn’t as Easy as It Appears in Online Videos

Any homeowner in Ogden, Utah, could opt to pick the brain of a professional contractor, as most – including the team here at Lift-Up Concrete – offer free, no-obligation consultations. And we have to say, meeting with an expert can be a good way to learn if mudjacking is the best approach.

However, knowing that concrete lifting is the right choice isn’t enough. To get the job done properly requires knowledge of Utah’s unique soil conditions as well as an understanding of how to find voids in the soil under a concrete slab. Plus, of course, there’s the whole concrete lifting process – knowing how many holes to drill, where the holes should be and how much of the mudjacking slurry to pump through is essential for the repair to be effective.

Online videos and concrete lifting how-to guides make all of this seem extremely simple. In actuality, mudjacking isn’t an easy skill to master.

Professional training and a good deal of hands-on experience are essential for a project to go as planned – and no amount of online research can put an individual on the same level. At best, taking the DIY route to concrete repair might provide a temporary fix. And any way it goes, DIY concrete lifting almost never produces first-rate results. For that, you need to rely on a professional contractor.

Concrete Lifting Requires Specialized Tools and Equipment

Mudjacking isn’t a repair that can be done with ordinary household tools. Professional contractors use special equipment, including a high-power concrete drill and a hydraulic pump, and they use a proprietary cement-based slurry to fill voids in the soil under a damaged or settled slab.

Obviously, these aren’t items the average homeowner has, and attempting concrete repair with the wrong tools can create additional damage – or, worse, the slab could be left with a weak point, one that can’t be resolved without calling in a professional.

What’s more, because Utah law requires a license to perform concrete repair work, most areas don’t have mudjacking equipment available for the general public to rent. Purchasing it is an option, but the specialized tools and slurry mixture could add up to more than $10,000 – and anyone fortunate enough to complete the repair properly might not need to use any of it ever again.

How DIY Concrete Lifting Can Cost You

Whatever the issue at your Ogden home – whether it’s a cracked sidewalk, sagging porch steps, a damaged pool deck or some other settled slab – you want an effective solution. But, you also want the concrete to look good when the work is done. To make sure you don’t end up with an eyesore on your property, you need to hire a professional contractor.

Attempt concrete lifting on your own, and people who visit your property – which might include potential buyers, if you decide to sell at some point – will probably be able to tell that you took the DIY approach. And in all likelihood, no one will be impressed.

Also, without the expertise of a professional contractor, the results of mudjacking aren’t optimal. Do the concrete lifting work yourself, and your damaged slab may very well lack the structural integrity it needs for long-term stability. As such, you might need a repeat repair sooner than you’d like.

Don’t jeopardize the integrity of your concrete by taking the do-it-yourself approach to mudjacking. In Ogden, Utah, Lift-Up Concrete offers expert concrete repair services at an affordable price – for a free, no-obligation concrete lifting consultation, contact us today.