We Can Fix Your Carport Slab Problems

Your concrete carport slab may not be what it used to be. Where it was once even and level, it’s now degrading and sinking.

Carport Slab Problems

While the aesthetics may annoy you, loss of function is a bigger concern. The uneven surface may cause you to trip walking to your vehicle. And trust our experience — sinking concrete only gets worse without professional attention.

Asking Key Questions Is Step One

When we come to your home to fix a concrete carport slab, we start by asking questions. What type of vehicle do you park on the slab? Where do you park — in the center or on the edge? When was the slab poured? Was the ground prepared properly before it was installed? Have you ever had problems with rodents burrowing beneath the slab? Does your drainage system direct water underneath the concrete?

Uncover the Underlying Cause

By asking in-depth questions, we get a full view of what caused the damage, and that helps us come up with the best way to fix it. This helps ensure that the problem doesn’t keep recurring. We want our repair to be permanent and give you a great return on investment.

If water drainage is causing soil to wash out from under the slab, we provide tips on how you can reorient your gutters and downspouts to avoid this. If animals are burrowing beneath the slab and creating a chasm, we have suggestions on how to eliminate this problem.

Restore Level to Normal

Ultimately, resolving an issue like a sinking carport slab means concrete lifting has to be executed efficiently. We drill holes at key areas with the intention of lifting the concrete back to its previous level, for good this time. Slab stabilization is our goal, and the grout we use to achieve an even surface is sturdy and long-lasting. You will be amazed at how quickly we complete the work!

No More Carport Problems

The best part about strategic concrete lifting is that you don’t have to take down your carport for the repair. And your carport concrete slab will be ready to use on the same day we come out to take care of the repair.

Call Lift-Up Concrete when you have a cracked, sinking carport slab and get the immediate expert help you need. We offer free quotes and consultations!