foundation repair exposed elements

Foundation Repair: Exposed Elements and Cleanup

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on the foundation repair process. This is an extensive and laborious process, one that’s also costly – and it can be avoided through proper care for several areas of your property, including concrete repair in certain instances of damage.

At Lift-Up Concrete Lifting LLC, we’re happy to offer commercial and residential concrete lifting for any concrete areas on the property, including those that connect to the foundation: Garage floors, driveways, patios and more. Our services, along with related areas like basement waterproofing, have helped numerous clients avoid expensive, invasive foundation repair needs that will cost them exponentially more than our solutions. Here are some of the other steps of this process that you can steer completely clear of if you utilize our pros to keep your concrete areas and foundation in good shape.

Utilities Exposed

Most foundation repairs require a significant lift of the foundation, and in these cases the repair professionals will also have to expose various utilities to prevent damage. Plumbing, for instance, will be uncovered so access to pipes can be gained, allowing for repairs in case a leak occurs during the foundation repair. Other utilities like electrical and gas may also be exposed so there’s room for them to move along with the lift – if not, the ground will damage them as the foundation is lifted. As you may have guessed, this part of the process can be both messy and time-consuming.

Jacks and Support

Once the pilings have been placed underneath your foundation beams, as we went over in part one, it’s time for hydraulic jacks to be moved inside access tunnels and placed underneath the pilings. These jacks are in place to lift the foundation beams to the proper level.

Once this is done, support cylinders are placed underneath the foundation beams. These hold the foundation at the height that’s been achieved by the jacks, even once the jacks themselves are removed from the equation.

Cleanup Process

Finally, it’s time to clean up several areas that may have been impacted by the foundation lifting and repair. Plants, gate posts and other objects near the house will commonly be lifted along with the foundation – dirt will often go everywhere during this process, and it will need to be cleaned up plus returned to its normal elevation. Tunnel entrances that were created to allow repair pros to access the underside of the foundation will be sealed up, and breakouts used will be filled with new concrete. In some cases, cleanup will take a full day or more for a significant concrete repair.

For more on why you want to avoid foundation repair at all costs, or to learn about any of our concrete lifting and leveling solutions that will help here, speak to the staff at Lift-Up Concrete Lifting LLC today.